Corey Dixon

I started BVA in 1992 . I had just received my diploma in Recording Arts from Trebas Institute and had started working at what was then called Vancouver Studios.

I loved it.

I worked over 300 hrs a month for for a while before I started earning any money at all and when I did start getting paid I couldn't believe how lucky I was.......someone was paying me to do this!

(I still have my first photocopied cheque for 200.00 thats how excited I was)

I realized that I was going to need more electronics training if I was going to move up in this industry so I spent the next two years getting my Electronic Technician Diploma at VCC while still working full time at the studio. I honestly don't know how I pulled that off.

I worked with some great Techs during those early years. Dale Einarson (Who went on to work at SSL LA) and then Alf Waghorn. Alf is pretty much one of the coolest guys I've met. He worked for years with Glyn Johns at his studio and if you google Glyn Johns you will see a pretty amazing credits list ( no big deal just the Beatles, The Who, The Stones, The Eagles etc etc etc)

From Alf I learned that no matter who is in the studio and no matter how much smoke is pouring out of the console, it's very important to stay calm and exude confidence to the client.

His line to the client was always " Just go grab a coffee and then we'll get this sorted out ". When they left the room I would say to him " so you know whats wrong?" To which he would reply 

"No, we're fucked"

On the other end of the technical spectrum I also got to work with the late great John Vrtacic.

I worked closely with John for 15 years( 1994-2009) and I learned the majority of my "tech chops" from him.

With him I got to work on projects like Metallica world headquarters in San Fransisco, the development and production of the Vrtacic Design Guitar splitter JC-1 ( JC stood for John Corey) and the many huge projects he did for Bob Rock and the rest of his superstar client list.

I got to work with him on numerous studio designs and builds as well as countless hours spent working alongside him working in his shop in North Vancouver repairing pro audio equipment. Those were very influential times for me. You don't really realize how influential until you look back on it like this.

I can't leave out the 15 years that I spent working at CBC Radio (2000-2014) A lot of this time I would work at CBC in the day and then drive over to Johns to work that evening. I would work for CBC full time on major projects like Vancouver Radio master control replacement as well as many new studio builds there. Lots of great connections came from that time and it was great to get the experience of broadcast technical requirements and all the pressures that come along with it.

Recent projects have been the refurbishment of two SSL consoles ( recap, reswitch and some major modifications which I will post pics of soon) as well as the racking of SSL channel strips.

It's been a pretty fun ride so far and I think the next 25 years should be just as exciting!!